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<transcy>SAUBERKUGEL MY BAG CLEANER - ZX 4000 (fluorescent)</transcy>

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The ZX 4000 SAUBERKUGEL (fluorescent) incl. LED black light flashlight for fast charging incl. batteries and invisible galaxy dust.

It is the year 2021. These are the adventures of the SAUBERKUGEL team, which has been on the road with its 2 man and woman crew for 3 years to explore foreign pocket galaxies and free them from crumbs, dust and fluff. Many light-years from Earth, the Cleanball family is venturing into galaxies no human has seen before! On their journey through handbags, backpacks and satchels they discover an extraordinary species made of non-toxic fluorescent and reusable energy particles. The ZX 4000 - the first SAUBERKUGEL that can glow in the dark and at the same time never lose its adhesive power.

Now released to the world in our InterGalactic Cleanball Shop!

How to use the UV flashlight?
Turn off all natural light, turn on the UV light and point the flashlight at the cleanball ZX 4000 - after about 30 seconds the ZX 4000 will light up by itself! In addition, the flashlight can find stains such as B. Urine stains from pets or food stains. Banknotes can also be checked in the same way to ensure they are not counterfeit.
The LED black light flashlight can also be used for:
  • Surface analysis: banknotes, identity papers, jewellery, entry stamps, detection of urine and food stains.
  • Secret messages: Detecting messages written with UV pens, for example when geocaching.
  • Small and compact UV lamp: 9 LEDs with 395nm.
  • Durable and User-Friendly - Made of high quality aluminum alloy, scratch and fade resistant, very sturdy and well made. With hand strap for a comfortable hold.
  • Easy to use - With just one push button.
  • Note: Do not look directly at the UV light or shine it in the eyes of other people or animals. Wearing UV goggles is recommended.