Since we have so many inquiries worldwide, we are currently unable to answer everyone immediately and are trying to make it easy for you!

You want to do a cooperation and introduce the clean ball? yeahhhh! We're happy about that, we're flashed every day how many people contact us :) psst. now even from Japan - crazy!

Since we can't send everyone the clean ball for free (because we can't keep up with the production so quickly) but you make a great video or great photos for Instagram or TikTok, we are of course ready to return your order to you to refund! Just send us the link to the video or the photos to: and if we see that you really tried hard and the video or the photos are super nice, we will refund you via Paypal (maximum order up to 50€ ) money back! It is important that we are allowed to repost the pictures/videos!

Here are 3 examples of 3 great videos/photos. You can use this as a guide if you want - but creativity has no limits - we are totally open to what you want to implement!

Oh yes, and we are currently not doing any paid cooperations because, as I said, we can hardly cope with the onslaught!

We look forward to your videos and pictures!

See you soon

Susanne and Bernd


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