Mavie Noelle: "Wow, I'm fascinated, that's a cool invention!"

Stefan Gödde (Galileo): "One in five women's handbags is so contaminated with bacteria that they can even pose a real health risk to people, but there is help! A new invention that can also be used by men!"

Karo Kauer: “The secret recommendation for clean bags!”

Daniela Katzenberger: "Shit, where has this thing been for years, I think it's really great! It looks so small and inconspicuous, but it's really, really cool! I've probably had it in my handbag for a week now and you will You'll be amazed at what kind of crap comes together!"

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  • 1. That's why it's round!

    With movement and the daily search for the key or cell phone, it rolls from left to right and catches any dirt particles.

  • 2. How do I open it?

    Simply press the edge with the lettering "Sauberkugel" and open the outer sphere.

  • 3. How do I clean them?

    Simply rinse under warm running water with a drop of washing-up liquid and then put it back in place and click together!

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  • So that your bag always smells good!

    Cleanball scent! Simply spray on your cleanball and your bag will smell magically of magic scent!

  • According to a study, the number of bacteria in a handbag is higher than on a toilet seat!

    White-Orange with SILVER IONS AGAINST BACTERIA! We had them tested by an independent institute!

  • ZX 4.000 What else!

    ZX 4,000 (fluorescent) incl. LED black light torch for fast charging and for surface analysis: banknotes, ID paper, admission stamp...

    ZX 4.000 
  • 3 bestsellers in a gift box!

    Springfield Collection! The best-selling colors in one pack! Perfect as a gift! Made with ❤️ in Germany!

  • Never stand on the dirty floor again!

    Clean Orb Bag Holder! So your bag never has to stand on a dirty floor again!

  • Finally a clean bag!

    The clean ball removes crumbs, fluff, fluff, short hair, tobacco and sand! It is suitable for handbags, toiletry bags, backpacks, sports bags and satchels!

  • 500,000 times without loss of adhesive strength!

    - washable - reusable - recyclable - 10 year guarantee - Made in Germany

    - without loss of adhesive strength

  • It's a little smaller than a golf ball!

    - 3.5 centimeters small

    - 16 grams light

  • Lifestyle & Travel Blogger @laura_silversun

    "The little ball has become my constant companion. My tip: just put it in the suitcase, where the small ball collects the leftover sand from your vacation."

  • Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger @laura_lesecret

    "No matter how much chaos there is in my bag, thanks to the clean bullet, dirt is no longer a problem for me. Whether fluff, crumbs or sand - it protects my bag from it at all times.

  • Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger _celine_be

    "Definitely a practical invention - never without it again!"

  • Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger @victoria.blush

    "The daily companion of my handbag. As I carry them around, my bag gets clean. The clean ball can no longer be missing, whether in everyday life or when travelling.”

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    We (Susanne and Bernd) developed the clean ball to keep our bags clean and to easily remove the annoying cookie crumbs, dust and fluff without having to empty the bag every time.

    When we first started developing it, it was important to us that it be reusable and easy to clean. We also wanted to make it in Germany to make sure it didn't contain any toxic substances. For the outer sphere we have chosen honeycomb cells like in the beehive (also called wax cells) which have the maximum stability and at the same time allow the largest openings for the dirt to get through. The inner sphere was one of the biggest challenges - even if it's hard to believe, but making a reasonably round sphere that is soft, sticky, washable and reusable seemed almost impossible!

    The result is our clean sphere in the size of a Golf balls - 10 year guarantee - no loss of adhesive power - non-toxic - washable - reusable and 100% Made in Germany!