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1. Die Innenkugel ist klebrig? Ja, und zwar richtig doll klebrig!

Durch Bewegung und die tägliche Suche nach dem Schlüssel oder Handy rollt sie von links nach rechts und hält jegliche Schmutzpartikel fest.

2. Wie öffne ich sie?

Einfach auf den Rand mit dem Schriftzug "Sauberkugel" drücken und die Außenkugel öffnen.

3. Wie mache ich sie sauber?

Ganz einfach unter fließend warmem Wasser mit einem Tropfen Spülmittel abspülen und anschließend wieder einsetzen und zusammenklicken!

  • Clean ball facts

    The clean ball removes crumbs, fluff, fluff, short hair, tobacco and sand! It is suitable for handbags, toiletry bags, backpacks, sports bags and satchels!

  • Clean ball facts

    - washable - reusable - recyclable - 10 year guarantee - Made in Germany

    - without loss of adhesive strength

  • Clean ball facts

    - 3.5 centimeters small

    - 16 grams light

  • Cleanball scent

    Simply spray on your cleanball and your bag will smell magically of magic scent!

  • Clean ball bag holder

    So your bag never has to stand on a dirty floor again!

  • Clean ball White Orange

    WITH SILVER IONS AGAINST BACTERIA! According to a study, the number of bacteria in a handbag is higher than on a toilet seat.

  • Clean ball ZX 4.000 (fluorescent)

    incl. LED black light torch for surface analysis: banknotes, ID papers, jewellery, admission stamps, finding urine and food stains.

    ZX 4.000 
  • Clean bullet Springfield Collection

    The best-selling colors in one pack! Perfect as a gift! Made with ❤️ in Germany! Also in a bundle with fragrance or bag holder!

  • Lifestyle & Travel Blogger @laura_silversun

    "The little ball has become my constant companion. My tip: just put it in the suitcase, where the small ball collects the leftover sand from your vacation."

  • Lifestyle & fashion blogger @laura_lesecret

    "No matter how much chaos there is in my bag, thanks to the clean bullet, dirt is no longer a problem for me. Whether fluff, crumbs or sand - it protects my bag from it at all times.

  • Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger _celine_be

    "Definitely a practical invention - never without it again!"

  • Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger @victoria.blush

    "The daily companion of my handbag. As I carry them around, my bag gets clean. The clean ball can no longer be missing, whether in everyday life or when travelling.”

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